Last day in Administrative court for the Johansson’s today

UPDATE from Ruby

Ruby Harrold-Claesson says:

A little correction:
The 3 day court hearing was to decide on the legal guardianship of Domenic, i e a kind of forced adoption, and the hearing took place in the Svea Court of Appeal, i e the civil court system.

The administrative courts in Stockholm removed me from the public care case because neither the social workers nor Domenic’s public counsel (see, wanted to see me on the case.

Sweden’s two court systems operate from different values: Annie & Christer are deemed as unfit parents in the administrative courts, but they were found to be very good parents in Gotland District Court.

Thanks Barbara – and friends – for your continued support

Thanks Ruby for this up date and this correction.

Front page of a paper today in Sweden

I have just been rung by Ruby Harrold-Claesson (yes it is after midnight for her) – the 3 day court hearing finished today:

They were overjoyed with the number of people who came to support the Johansson family. The Court room filled. They had to stop proceedings to get more chairs. During the lunch time break they had to change rooms to make it more comfortable for everyone. It was wonderful to see everyone stay until the end of the court proceedings although the Social worker and another person with the Social Worker had to leave part way through Ruby’s last presentation to the Court. There were two representatives of the Indian embassy there as well today, which was very encouraging.

The Judges were very warm and understanding.

We have to wait for 2 weeks for the verdict.

So where to from here: This is what Ruby told me back in September

We have to wait to see if the Administrative Courts will re-appoint Ruby to this case. Please be praying for this as well.

So current prayer requests:

1. For the 5 Judges over the next 2 weeks, as they make a decision on the last 3 days in the Civil and Criminal Court over the custody/guardianship of Domenic.

2. For the decisions in the Administrative Court of Appeal over re-appointing Ruby to be the Johansson’s public counsel.


Three newspaper reports with their really rough internet translations:

23 November 2012

Dominics custody up there in the Court of appeal Svea Court of Appeal will take up the case this week with elvaårige Dominic Johansson, which tvångsomhändertogs 2009. It is a social welfare Gotland which appealed against the judgment of the local court, which in the summer, decided not to take over custody of the boy to his fosterhemsföräldrar.
“This is a crime against the family’s human rights from beginning to end of the year. The boy has gone bad for one reason only, and it is that they have taken him from his parents, says parents’ legal representatives, Ruby Harrold-Claesson.
The family would just fly to India to take up residence there, when Dominic Johansson tvångsomhändertogs at a dramatically po lisingripande at Arlanda Airport. It took place in June 2009, after that the parents of different reasons for a year keep the boy away from school, and taught him in the home instead. The social authorities claimed that the parents breach of school, and that it was a risk that the boy would go bad if he moved to India.
According to Ruby Harrold-Claesson, social welfare board to in the Court of Appeal featuring a psykologutredning which shows that Dominic is doing badly and does not develop normally.- but psychologist has not met with the child before he was handed over and traumatiserades. It is said that he is unconcentrated and lack initiative, and there has been talk of plug in children and ungdomspsykiatrin. But the only thing that needs to be linked in is his parents, she says.
Parents have not met their son since November 2010. At that time were the umgängesförbud, then his or her father has taken him home for two days, but to submit to the authorities. Since then, no of pojkens other relatives met him. It is clear that the tingsrättsdomen no relative told that umgängesförbundet only applies to parents.
ungula­legal­for­hand­begin­na was launched on Thursday and was expected to be completed by next Monday.
26 November 2012

Föräldrarnas advokat Ruby Harrold-Claesson. Foto: Eva Janzon
Dominics parents have chosen isolation for fear of being accused of wanting to kidnap his son, has Christer and Annie Johansson has chosen to isolate themselves completely in Alvah on southern Gotland.
We live with my father and help him. But we are on the whole, indoors all the time, says Christer Johansson for the world today. Then I took with me Dominic has we have, after all, restrictions, and as from Gotland is so small that it is it would easily be that we ran on each other. And I now know how the argument – if they only see me are going to hear that I pursue them and try to take him again. So we have chosen to keep us away.
In particular Annie Johansson’s health has been negatively affected by separation from her son, and the subsequent judicial proceedings. Between summer 2009 and summer 2012, she has been brought to akuten 35 times; she has suffered a number of cardiac arrest and is visibly depressed in the Court of Appeal. I am surprised that they are still living, in particular Annie, says professor of psychology at the University of Gothenburg, Trevor Archer, in a hearing that is played up.
Parents’ lawyer, Ruby Harrold-Claesson, is an indication of how social welfare board will continue to resist any attempt to transparency in the process of Dominic.
Among other things she was only two days before the trial access to all documents in the case. Parents have not received a response to the request for so-called repatriation of Dominic as the targeted to social welfare board for a year ago, despite the fact that such a according to the law, shall be investigated in the course of four months.
And what that in the past will be held against them is that they continue to insist that their son was abducted in battle with the European Convention on human rights, and that they will continue to demand its right to family life and as parents, says Ruby Harrold-Claesson to the world today.
case with Dominic has also been detected in Annie Johansson’s home country India, which, among other things, a campaign for the family with posters on buses. And when the negotiations are concluded today, Monday, representatives of the Indian embassy to be among the audience.
So many times I have been asked what we can do in order to move social welfare board to meet him, and get back Dominic. But they do not answer, says Christer Johansson in a pause in the negotiations. Illustrative is administrative court rules in favor decision from December 2009 to reject their parents’ appeal of tvångsomhändertagandet. Christer Johansson had then agreed to follow the whole vårdplan proposed for his son, with one exception: he wanted to Dominic would move home again.
26 November 2012
Christer and Annie Johansson has not lost jumped on to get back his son, who tvångsomhändertogs of social welfare board on Gotland during summer 2009. Now, the order to be able to maintain the legal custody of today elvaårige Dominic. Photo: Eva Janzon
Dominic up case in the Court of Appeal
Chief Physician: it is possible to change parents
­Christer Johan’s son, father to tvångsomhändertagna Dominic, managed not to hear when a senior physician at the Svea Court of Appeal upheld the fragmentation of his family and toned down the importance of separation for the boy.
“It was quite physically impossible for me to listen to all these lies, sa Christer Johansson day after Friday’s hearings with senior physician Henrik Pelling, effective in children and ungdomspyskiatrin in Uppsala, Sweden, and Visby. Social welfare board on goth­country wants to deprive Christer and Annie Johansson the legal custody of their son, as the summer 2009 tvångsomhändertogs when the family was on the way to leave Sweden and settle in India.
For this reason, the Board brought an appeal against a decision from Gotland District Court, where the custody of Dominic Johans­son shall remain with their parents. The pair live only a few miles from the go where their only children live in today, and have not seen him in two years.
A new läkarutlåt­spirit was presented to the right as the basis for socialnämndens reasoning, which is based on the biological parents are the main threat to adaptation in familjehemmet Dominics.
“It has gone very well for him, so that no further work is needed from children­psykia­trins page, said Henrik Pelling on Dominic. – he is experiencing a security where he is, and they feel comfortable with your friends, school and all that. He is afraid that it will be taken away from him.
Henrik Pelling, who gave his testimony behind closed doors, told in an audio recording of the hearing that he met with Dominic in August and November of this year. He noted among other things, that Dominic does not manage to talk about their parents, on the first seven years of his life and if tvångsomhändertagandet 2009. – he has said that he has the good where he is now, and he knows that he has the opportunity to meet with their grandfather, their cousins and his parents if he wants, but he would not for the time being.
Henrik Pelling argued that Christer Johansson’s work without permission to bring him in connection with a fellowship in November 2010 a very negative effect on his son. The two days ended with the police, made up of Christer Johansson, brought Dominic from An with dogs and guns.
As Chief Physician has not spoken with Dominics parents or other relatives, built his opinion and testimony on boy entirely on reports and observations after forced­disposal 2009. Henrik Pelling admitted that the arrest of the airplane must have been a difficult trauma for Dominic, at the same time as he toned down the meaning.
“It is going to change parents, as we know from so many adopted children that we have in this country. It is possible that for most, but to get permanent psychological damage, he said in the right, and defended several times the decision to remove the boy from his biological parents.
“It was a serious notice of that there was a child, who was isolated from a very much of it as a child shall have normally, said Henrik Pelling, which meant that Indienresan “would make it impossible to follow up the serious concerns”.
I can not see anything other than that there was a need ­situation in this way: we had to make sure that the boy had it good.
Now, when this “declaration” has been going on for over three years, has therefore Dominic come a long way. He is, according to Henrik Pelling, is no longer the apathetic, visual and cognitive underdeveloped children described tvångsomhändertagandet after 2009. Instead, it through the statement to begin to look the happy and safe boy, Dominic was before separation from the parents, according to the description in the first instance, by relatives and acquaintances.
FACTS:this has happened
. After including anonymous letter on the family Johansson decided on Gotland to social welfare board in June 2009 tvångsomhänderta then seven-year-old Dominic Johansson according to the law regarding the care of young.
· The complaints was that the boy hemundervisats during a year, and therefore, it was considered an isolated, that he had holes in incisors, that he had not gone on the last inspection of health and that he is not been vaccinated. In addition, there were allegations of mental ill-health of Christer Johansson.
· As a result, among other things by the social authorities against the family had mistrust parents planned a fled to Annies country India, where Christer Johansson had a work and Dominic entered in a school.
. However, the social welfare board requested assistance of the police to the 25 June 2009 against family, when they had already set in the aircraft that would take them to their new life in India.
· Socialtjänstemännen asked parents to be able to speak briefly with their son, and that he was on an airplane to Visby and a jourfamilj. Instead of being able to meet his son after a few days, so that first promised, introduced extreme umgängesbegränsningar: parents were right to meet with her son one hour was fifth week and then under the supervision.
· With Christer Johansson had to find out on the bases for tvångsomhändertagandet did he carry out a drug test and a psychiatric examination, both of which showed that the charges against him were unfounded. The boy was in a local school on Gotland, and visit was booked at a dentist.
· In spite of this social welfare board refused to return the boy, and claimed, among other difficulties with the parents. A psychological study of Dominic in November 2009 showed that the boy did not develop as he should for his age, despite the fact that barnhälsojournalen from the recent visit revealed that he was fully healthy and developed normally.
The parents were coated with umgängesförbud with his son since Christer Johansson has taken with its Dominic during two days November 2010, but authorities and fosterhemmets approval. For this was his two months in prison.
· Tvångsomhänder­­take up has been appealed to the European Court of Human Rights, since all administrative courts have gone on socialnämndens line.
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  1. A little correction:
    The 3 day court hearing was to decide on the legal guardianship of Domenic, i e a kind of forced adoption, and the hearing took place in the Svea Court of Appeal, i e the civil court system.

    The administrative courts in Stockholm removed me from the public care case because neither the social workers nor Domenic’s public counsel (see, wanted to see me on the case.

    Sweden’s two court systems operate from different values: Annie & Christer are deemed as unfit parents in the administrative courts, but they were found to be very good parents in Gotland District Court.

    Thanks Barbara – and friends – for your continued support

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