California appeals court affirms legality of homeschooling

More Reasons Than Ever to Leave Public Schools
California appeals court affirms legality of homeschooling

Sacramento, California – Campaign for Children and Families (CCF), a leading California pro-family organization that supports parental rights and back-to-basics education, is thanking God for today’s court ruling upholding the legality of homeschooling in California.

“With this good decision, parents have more reason than ever to yank their children out of the broken public school system and head for the promised land of homeschooling and church schools,” said Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families. “Newly-enacted state laws require homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual indoctrination in public schools. Fortunately, parents can rescue their children and choose the moral and academic excellence offered by home schools and church schools.”

Friday’s ruling from the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles upholding the legality of homeschooling in California is a reversal of the court’s much-criticized ruling from earlier this year, which said homeschooling was unlawful unless a parent possessed a teaching credential.

Today’s court ruling, however, was unanimously in favor of homeschooling. “California statutes permit home schooling as a species of private school education,” the three-judge panel wrote. “California impliedly allows parents to home school as a private school, but has provided no enforcement mechanism. As long as the local school district verifies that a private school affidavit has been filed, there is no provision for further oversight of a home school.”

United States Justice Foundation Executive Director Gary Kreep, who represented the father in the case, Phillip L., said he was thrilled with today’s appellate court victory. “We’re extremely gratified that the court has upheld the right of California parents to homeschool their own children. This unanimous ruling is a complete reversal from the court’s Feb. 28 decision to criminalize homeschooling. Parents now have the confidence they can homeschool their children without fear.”

“The California Legislature has just passed a bill (AB 2567) to require public schools to celebrate homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality,” said Thomasson. “Existing state laws require the positive portrayal of alternative lifestyles (SB 777, AB 394) and the abolition of moral values on sexual matters in public schools (SB 71). Since the government schools are imploding, now is the time to discover the rewards of home schools and church schools. On average, homeschooled children succeed academically and develop better character than kids in the government system.”

Campaign for Children and Families has set up a special web site,, to help parents learn how to homeschool or enroll in a church school.