Andrew Pudewa Conference NZ 2018

Andrew Pudewa (founder and director of the Institute of Excellence in Writing, expert speaker on issues relating to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music, equipper of educators, and general inspirer and encourager of Home Educators) is in New Zealand in August 2018.

Look out for him at a place near you and don’t miss hearing him!

Christchurch, August 10-11
Palmerston North, August 13
New Plymouth, August 14
Taupo, August 15
Tauranga, August 16
Auckland, August 17-18

“These conferences should have been compulsory!”

When Andrew Pudewa visited New Zealand in 2008, this is what one enthusiastic home educator had to say after she attended his conference in Palmerston North.

“These conferences in New Zealand should have been compulsory for all home educators in New Zealand to attend. I highly recommend them that much. Every one of his sessions was fantastic. Some made me want to do more of his courses so that I could find out a lot more.”

For more information about talks, times, prices and venues, click here for Conference Details and more on the location you are interested in.


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