May 24, 2022

HSLDA Poetry Contest 2008

If you are wanting to send in an entry to this then you need to send it in the next couple of days for it to arrive by June 1.

2008 Guidelines

Submission Dates: May 1 through June 1 2008!

Entry Form

Photo Contest

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Poetry Contest Archives
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Entries received before May 1 or postmarked after June 1 will be sent back or discarded.


Students must submit a poem in one of the following forms and with one of the following pieces of American artwork as their theme:

Category 1: Blank verse, 15-20 lines
The Stampede by Lightning by Frederic Remington, 1908
Category 2: Blank verse, 20-25 lines
View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm—The Oxbow by Thomas Cole, 1836
Category 3: Blank verse, 25-30 lines
Approaching a City by Edward Hopper, 1946.
We try to choose themes that will leave a lot of room for students’ imagination and interpretation, without us dictating the response.

Examine these pieces of art and see what poetic ideas they inspire. What does the artwork make you think of? What story might it tell? Then take it from there and be creative.

We hope that students will come up with many imaginative ideas to fit the theme. Our judges love it when a student comes up with something they had not thought of before.


Contest prizes and themes are determined based on the student’s age. If a student falls into Category 1 in age, then he or she must do the Category 1 theme and will be awarded Category 1 prizes. The same applies for categories 2 and 3.

Category 1: Homeschoolers ages 7 to 11 as of May 1, 2008.
Category 2: Homeschoolers ages 12 to 15 as of May 1, 2008.
Category 3: Homeschoolers ages 16 to 19 as of May 1, 2008.

For the purposes of this contest, an eligible student must have been home educated in the past year and received a majority of his or her education in the past year through home education.

Format and Submissions

  1. Poems must be completely the work of the student entering the contest. No involvement or assistance of other parties, including but not limited to brainstorming, editing, or proof reading, is permissible.
  2. The poems should be typed, in at least 12 point font, and single spaced with a double space between stanzas.
  3. Each poem must have a title.
  4. Each author may enter up to five poems. Each poem requires a separate entry fee.
  5. Only one poem per page.
  6. The student’s phone number should appear at the top of each page. No other from of identification should appear on these pages.
  7. The student must fill out an entry form with their full name, date of birth, HSLDA membership number (if applicable), address, email, and telephone number; this should be on a separate cover sheet of paper attached by a paperclip to the poem. This sheet should also include the title or a one-sentence description of the poem and a line count for the poem.

Poems must be mailed to:

Attn: Poetry Contest
P.O. Box 3000
Purcellville, VA 20134-9000

Entries must be postmarked on or before June 1, 2008. Only entries sent to the above address will qualify for the contest.

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